Payment Policy

F. Ruggiero & Sons, Inc. Funeral Home has established a uniform payment policy to serve all families fairly and to prevent misunderstandings. In an effort to provide the finest merchandise and services, we require all financial arrangements to be settled one day prior to final day of services.

1)Third Party/ Cash Advance items- Payment for Cemetery, Clergy/ Mass, Pallbearers, Certified Death Certificates and Gratuities are required in the form of Check or Cash by the morning of the funeral. These items are dispersed the morning of the funeral on your behalf. There is no mark-up on these charges. Cash advances are not accepted through a credit card payment or as an insurance assignment and must be paid by check or cash before the day of the funeral.   


2)Funeral Home Charges- The funeral home charges consist of merchandise selected by you and provided by the funeral home. These include Embalming, Cosmetics, Prayer Cards, Caskets, Etc.

  • a)Payment can be made by Cash, personal check, bank check, money order, American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard.

  • b)Assignable Life Insurance- At the funeral home’s discretion, we will accept life insurance if it is assignable and completed PRIOR to the day of the funeral. We will accept for face value of the policy only, once the assignability and the beneficiary have been verified by the insurance company. Policies under two years old are generally contestable and are not acceptable. If the decedent’s death certificate lists a cause of death as “Pending Further Study” or “Undetemined”, the policy will not be accepted as a form of payment. Some policies such as Veteran’s Life Insurance and some union or group policies are not assignable and therefore cannot be accepted. All policies being used for payment must be handled by the funeral home. We must take physical possession of the policy, at which time we contact the insurance company to verify the assignability of the policy and the company’s claim procedure.

F. Ruggiero & Sons, Inc. Funeral Home requires ALL financial arrangements to be settled one day prior to the final day of services.